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What is LEARN Sonoma County?

Classes and workshops of all kinds are held throughout Sonoma County in many places: art studios, museums, kitchens, craft guilds, farms, parks, schools, non-profit organizations and businesses. But for learners looking for them, they aren’t easy to find. LEARN Sonoma County showcases a wide variety of local classes all in one place, connecting learners with teachers. We get the word out about learning opportunities on our website, in our newsletter and on our Facebook page.


What’s cool about LEARN Sonoma County?

One-stop shopping

LEARN Sonoma County is a centralized source of information about local learning opportunities that can be difficult to find.

Find Opportunities

Learners can find opportunities to gain skills and knowledge in a wide variety of subjects and connect with others who share their interests. Subjects include Arts, Crafts, Gardening, Cooking, Music, Dance, Personal Development, Wellness, Business, Career, Technology, Environment, and more!

Teachers Benefit

Teachers benefit by reaching a wider audience of potential students. It’s easy for individuals and organizations to list their classes here.

Learning & Connecting

LEARN Sonoma County promotes learning and connecting within our communities!

What’s next for LEARN Sonoma County?

We’re creating an advisory board to forge the future of LEARN. We’re hoping to be ready to be back online in Spring 2020 and hold our next LEARNapalooza in August. Find out how you can get involved.


Deborah WiigWho’s doing this?

LEARN Sonoma County Coordinator Deborah Wiig is passionate about community education. She served for several years as program manager of a Denver Public Schools Community School. Deborah also publishes the entertainment website Happening in Sonoma County. When she’s not promoting life-long learning and local entertainment, Deborah provides marketing communications services to nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

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