S1: Immersion | Medical Qigong for Personal Cultivation

S1 Immersion Medical Qigong class
Fri, April 26, 2019, 1:00 pm
Category: Wellness

The secret personal cultivation arts of Medical Qigong are now available through our Self Mastery Series. Step into the profound knowledge of ancient medicine and experience energetic evolution and emotional freedom. Through carefully explained theory, experiential Daoyin (Qìgōng exercises), and meditations, you can truly become the master of your own life.
Learn ancient wellness secrets to longevity and vitality.

April 26-28 in Geyserville, CA.

With three profound courses, S1: Immersion, S2: The Dive and S3: Alchemy, you are guided toward energetic advancement, self discovery, and cultivation of deep, lasting, wellbeing.

The foundational course of the Self Mastery series, S1 teaches the fundamentals of Medical Qigong for personal cultivation. During this intensive weekend you will take physical practice and entwine it with your energetic system, to create a truly complete foundation of Self Mastery, setting the ground for all future growth and building. Are you ready to cultivate a life of health and vibrancy?
You will learn the secret subtle art to true energy flow. And most importantly, you will be taught how to move that energy in the proper pathways, so that you are able to reap the benefits as well as steer clear of the mishaps and dangers of improper practice. The integration of these tools into daily life is truly transformative.

You will leave Immersion with a complete Medical Qigong practice that will continue to grow and enrich your personal vitality of body, mind and spirit for years to come.

Price: $599.00

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