Beginning Chicken Keeping

chicken keeping class
Sat, March 9, 2019, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Category: Garden, Farm, Home

Here’s what we’ll cover in this workshop:

*All about the egg, store bought vs. pasture raised (we will crack a store bought egg vs. pastured egg side by side to show signs of nutrition, freshness and fertility)
* Overview of breeds of chickens, choosing the right breeds for your back yard be it breeds for pets, strong egg producers, meat producers, or dual purpose. (A handout covering all of these breeds will be provided)
* Purchasing chicks.
* Brooding chicks (including all equipment needed).
*Building and or purchasing a predator proof coop with a chickens well being and optimal comfort in mind.
* Equipment for feeding and watering your chickens.
*Correct feed for the various stages of your chickens life, where to get it and how to properly store it.
*Proper bedding for your coop, how to clean your coop and sustainable reuse of the bedding from the coop.
*Setting yourself up for success in how you relate to your flock and daily interactions.
*Normal chicken behavior vs. basic signs of illness.
*Collection and proper storage of eggs.
*Class questions

Cost for each class is $65 which includes handouts to take home. If you are interested in participating in two classes the cost is $120. If all three classes interest you then the cost would be $150 for the days education. Children 12 and under may attend for free with a paying adult, a second child is $25 per class.

We’re offering two workshop days with various class offerings to cover the wide variety of information you may be interested in learning. To register for a particular class on a particular date let us know in the “notes” section of the checkout process online.
Once registered you will receive a packet of information via email with details on parking, and nitty gritty fun logistics of how to maximize your learning with us.
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Price: $65.00

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