A John Muir Route: Discovering Roads Less Traveled Along the High Sierra

Tue, February 12, 2019, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Category: Environment

The sign read John Muir “Route”, not “Trail”. 200 miles after passing it, Peter developed the idea of finding other trails making up complete routes from Yosemite to the Whitney region, off the JMT. In 2018, he completed his first JMR, Glacier Point to Horseshoe all on trail or easy cross-country, over two thirds of it off the JMT. The presentation explores assembling and following similar Routes among the dozens of variations and interpretations of Theodore Solomons’ original vision of North/South travel along the Range of Light: a hike you create to suit your interests and skills. Its for hikers ready to leave the crowds and such challenges of the JMT, geared to routes along good trail, and touches on the original JMT, the Sierra High Route, Theodore Solomons Trail and tougher class 2 sections plus important wilderness topics: LNT, impact dispersal, permits, access: use, abandoned and unmaintained trails, the prospect of new and restored trail, and the impact of changing use on Wilderness stewardship.

REI Santa Rosa
2715 Santa Rosa Ave