8 Steps to Master Your Cash Flow – A Workshop for Women Business Owners

cash flow for women-owned business
Thu, April 18, 2019, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Category: Business, Career, Technology

Women-owned business is the fastest growing segment of the economy in Sonoma County.

Women owners often have a unique approach and style to how they do business, and they sometimes lack support as owners and entrepreneurs when it comes to crucial decisions and establishing the systems necessary for success.

In your business, is having enough money a constant struggle?
Do you worry how you’re going to pay your bills on time?
Do you pay everyone else first and wind up with little for yourself?
Do you wish you were more confident around money so you could grow your business?
Mastering cash flow is key to getting out of survival and into growth.

In this interactive workshop, Cash Flow Coach Heather Picard will teach cash flow strategies that are simple to understand and easy to implement in your business. She’ll speak to women’s unique relationship to money and show how to break through limiting beliefs around money that are holding you back from making more.

Manage your cash flow using a simple projection report
Pay yourself regularly
Create a cash safety net
Increase your confidence with money so you can grow!
Create a new relationship to money where there’s confidence and ease.

Instructor Heather Picard is owner and CFO of an award-winning landscape company and a Cash Flow Coach who helps women master their money to grow their businesses. She is an award-winning speaker and facilitator for the National Association of Women Business Owners. She has a Masters Degree from Columbia University and is a graduate of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy. Heather helps women break through their limiting beliefs to unleash their earning potential so they can step into the fullness of their lives and make the difference they’re here to make. You can find her at http://heatherpicard.com


Finley Community Center – Person Senior Wing
2060 West College Ave