From Climate to Creatures: The State of the Ocean off Northern California

Thu, January 17, 2019, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Category: Environment

Presentation with Dr. Jeffrey Dorman, Executive Director, Farallon Institute for Advanced Ecosystem Research
The Laguna de Santa Rosa is the largest tributary to the Russian River, and the Russian River flows into the sea at Jenner near Bodega. The Laguna is connected in many ways to the ocean. This “State of the Ocean” science talk is an informational and inspirational presentation on the latest scientific understanding of the ocean. The talk will cover pertinent and timely topics of ocean issues that are both of global interest and that directly impact our northern California waters. Globally we will explore the impact of plastic in the oceans and the myriad of ways that climate change is changing ocean ecosystems. Regionally, we will understand how current and past ocean conditions have led us to local fishery closures and explore what kind of ocean ecosystem we can expect in the future. Join us for this evening presentation and discussion. Hot drinks and light snacks will be provided.

Dr. Jeffrey Dorman is a Principal Scientist and the Executive Director of the Farallon Institute for Advanced Ecosystem Research. Jeff’s research interests center around biological productivity of the California Current and how climate changes might impact future productivity. Much of that work has been focused on understanding the importance of krill in the California Current and discovering what drives changes in their populations. His research experience includes field sampling of zooplankton off northern California as part of the CoOP:WEST program and physical and biological modeling of the California Current ecosystem while working with the Farallon Institute. The Farallon Institute is a non-profit scientific organization dedicated to the understanding and preservation of healthy marine ecosystems. Its research is designed to provide the scientific basis for ecosystem-based management practices and policy reforms consistent with a productive marine world.

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Laguna Environmental Center
900 Sanford Road
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