So Many Good Ideas. So Little Time!

Sat, January 26, 2019, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Category: Business, Career, Technology

Will answering a few questions really bring you more money and less stress?

Yes, absolutely!

The questions below will help you set priorities at a foundational level so you will move quickly toward your business goal.

• Why am I really in business?
Clarifying the depth of your reason for being in business is crucial for you to feel solid in your work so that your marketing is authentic and clear.

• What is non-negotiable for me to feel my business is successful?
Understanding what is essential for you to feel successful provides the guidelines necessary for you to make confident decisions.

• How do I want to spend my time?
Few things will contribute to a life of balance and business success like aligning products, services, and marketing activities around your intrinsic strengths.

Ready to make business decisions with greater confidence?
Join us for this full-day workshop. You will leave clear on the next steps you need to take to create the business you envision.

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