Southern Italian Desserts with Rosetta Costantino

Fri, February 1, 2019, 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Category: Cooking, Food, Drink

Join the wonderful Rosetta Costantino as she takes us on a tour of the desserts of Southern Italy. Italian cuisine is strongly regional, even from town to town the same food might be made with a local twist. In each area, primarily a few local ingredients are used – ricotta, honey and pistachios in Sicily; lemons, amarena cherries and ricotta in Campania; figs and citrus in Calabria; almonds and mosto cotto in Puglia; and walnuts, chestnuts, honey and chickpeas in Basilicata. Creative pastry cooks have found ways to transform these few ingredients into an impressive array of treats.

We will focus on both holiday specialties and year-round favorites. During this hands-on three hour class you will learn:

  • Cannariculi / Struffoli (same dough shaped two different ways) – fried pastry with warm honey glaze
  • Chinule – a sweet Christmas ravioli with chestnut and chocolate filling
  • Cannoli Siciliani – the famous cannoli!
  • Bocconotti – rich tartlet filled with chocolate almond filling
  • Torta di Pistachio & Torta di Noci – two gluten free cakes using different nuts

Cookbook author and teacher ROSETTA COSTANTINO was born and raised in Verbicaro, a small wine-producing hill town in Calabria, at the southern tip of the Italian peninsula. The family moved to the Bay Area when Rosetta was 14 years old, and though they settled into the fast pace of life there, they kept their traditions. They continued to grow their own produce, raise rabbits, make their own ricotta, and cure their own salsiccia Calabrese with spicy peperoncino from their garden. Even after she earned a chemical-engineering degree at the University of California Berkeley and went on to a successful career in Silicon Valley, Rosetta retained her love of her family’s traditional foodways.

Rosetta shares her story, family traditions, and over 150 recipes in MY CALABRIA: Rustic Family Cooking from Italy’s Undiscovered South (November 2010). Written with San Francisco Chronicle food columnist and author Janet Fletcher ,and nominated for an IACP cookbook award, MY CALABRIA transports readers to this unique food culture of rustic, homegrown, and homemade foods. Rosetta’s second book focusing on the desserts of Southern Italy was published by Ten Speed Press on October 2013 and has also been nominated for an IACP cookbook award.




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