Box Bots Workshop@180 Studios!

Sat, January 12, 2019, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Category: Skills, DIY

BotBox Workshops (4-hours)

The workshops are an opportunity to learn the basic skills needed to construct a Stock Class Boxbot. These skills can be applied to your Boxbot in the hand-on portions of the workshop. Based on individual proficiency, additional time outside the workshop may be required to complete your BoxBot. Workshops typically occur the weekend before a build party, giving each member additional opportunities to complete their Boxbot, test and make adjustments to their BoxBot before a Fight Night.

The Boxbot Club and Class

The 180 Studios BoxBot club is open to all 180 Studios Members.

Members and non-members may sign up for the Box Bot Class. The class comes with a Boxbot kit of parts and attendance in the next BoxBots Workshop. Non 180 Studios members also get a season pass to the BoxBot club, which includes Build Parties and Fight Nights. For more information visit:

180 Studios Community Makerspace
150 Todd Rd
Price: $100.00

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