FREE! Saturday Social and Fermentation Potluck

Saturday Social and Fermentation Potluck at The Beverage People
Sat, March 2, 2019, 7:00 pm
Category: Cooking, Food, Drink

We hope you will stop in at The Beverage People and share some food and drink with us to start your Saturday evening with a little sharing and socializing.

We are hosting these recurring potlucks on the first Saturday of each month.

We spend our days talking to our enthusiastic customers about so many great drinks, and cheeses, and olives, and fermented foods, breads, kombuchas and water kefirs that they are making. Sometimes they bring them and share as they start a new project. We remain excited to be part of this community of makers and want to create a time and place where we can get together and share our current flavors and ferments. The Beverage People staff have a long history of supporting various clubs and groups in pursuit of craft foods and drinks. But never before has there been good venue to bring them all together at once. That’s what we would love to see now! Cheesemakers sharing with beer brewers, sauerkraut producers mixing it up with sour beer makers, hard cider fermenters exchanging products with water kefir hobbyists. Really, we just want to taste what you guys have been doing, and share some of our own.

Please join us!

ENTRANCE FEE: A homemade item to share. Beer, wine, cider, cheese, bread, olives, sausage, anything fermented, anything homemade, anything tasty, something new, something aged, something random, something fun.
WHO WILL BE THERE: Friends of The Beverage People and makers of many types
WHAT ELSE TO KNOW: Maybe bring a recipe or be ready to explain about your stuff, people who like it will want to know.

The Beverage People Classroom
1845 Piner Rd Suite D