The Strange Chemistry in the World Around Us – For adults age 50+

Thu, January 31, 2019, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Category: Knowledge

What if I told you that many of the everyday objects around you are hiding extraordinary scientific secrets?
Would you believe that some seemingly innocuous substances are in fact dangerous and can hurt or even kill the unaware? And what if I told you that understanding these secrets would forever change your perception of science and the world around you?
Do you eat packaged luncheon meats? Then you should know that the packaging companies commonly add viruses to them. Enjoy playing with helium balloons? Then you might be shocked to find out that helium actually comes from radioactive decay. This course will touch on a wide range of subjects including radioactivity, poisons, pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, petroleum, foods and explosives.

Steve Farmer, Ph.D. is a seasoned chemistry teacher with over a decade of experience. He has received six teaching awards, including Sonoma State University’s Sarlo Excellence in Teaching Award. In addition to his teaching duties, Dr. Farmer enjoys increasing the public’s interest in chemistry through outreach lectures and blogging, and is the author of “Strange Chemistry: The Stories Your Chemistry Teacher Wouldn’t Tell You.”

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

1 Course $95
2 Courses $175
3 Courses $250
4 or more Courses $325
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