Beginning Improv: Exploration

Tue, January 8, 2019, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Category: Music, Dance, Theater

For those who wish to discover what the magic of improv can do for them and what they can bring to it, this class series explores the building blocks of improv over a 6-week period, allowing us to start building a foundation of understanding and ease.

The series will be full of games and exercises that get us out of our heads and over ourselves, teach us to fail cheerfully, and have ridiculous fun doing so — all while beginning to create scenes and learning the basic elements that make improv work.

We will also dispel the myths that you have to be quick or outgoing to do improv; all you need to do is show up, open up and let yourself be a bit silly… then watch your confidence grow in all areas of your life.

Jan 8 – Feb. 12.

961 Gravenstein Hwy. S, Suite 130
Price: $220.00

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