Intro to Improv Goodness!

Wed, December 12, 2018, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Category: Music, Dance, Theater

Who needs a little holiday season pick-me-up? If you’ve ever wondered if improv is for you, here’s a great opportunity to check it out! (Spoiler: It IS for you.) Classes are for anybody and everybody, whether you’re interested in eventually performing or in just getting out of your own way.

Working through shyness, learning to communicate in new ways, patience, listening, generosity…and a hefty measure of laughter. All these and more are benefits of doing improv.

For those with little or no experience, this introductory one-time class will consist primarily of games and exercises that are playful and engaging—getting us out of our judging minds and into the moment. Within these games we will discover some of the basic, foundational elements that make improv work.

You might like it so much you’ll want to sign up for our next 6-week series starting in January!

961 Gravenstein Hwy. S, Suite 130
Price: $40.00

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